Accepted Chef RFCs for Oct 15 2014-10-15

This week five RFCs have been accepted, planned for inclusion in Chef 12:

RFC 22: Arbitrary Cookbook Identifiers

This defines a new API to manage cookbooks with identifiers other than the current three-integer-semver structure in use now.

RFC 23: Chef 12 Attributes Changes

This defines several new methods on Node to manipulate attributes. This will restore some functionality that was lost during the Chef 11 attributes rewrite, including safely deleting attributes and assigning over an existing hash.

RFC 24: Local Mode Default

This outlines plans to change chef-client and knife to use local-mode by default if no server URL is specified.

RFC 25: Multitenant Chef Client Support

This adds additional configuration options to better support multi tenant Chef Servers, such as Chef Server 12.

RFC 26: Remove HTTP Config Files

This deprecates a relatively unknown feature whereby chef-client can download its configuration directly from an HTTP server. Given how little this feature is believed to be used, an aggressive deprecation schedule will be used such that the feature will throw a warning in future Chef 11 versions and be entirely removed in Chef 12.

RFCs Under Review

Proposed Governance and Maintenance Policy

There are two more weeks to discuss the new governance and maintenance policies. These documents specify how the Chef project (and other related projects) will be managed and governed by the community going forward. I would like to say “thank you” again to Adam for getting these policies polished and up for discussion so we can get the whole community moving forward together!

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