Hire Me 2018-05-11

Are you a medium-sized company that has been eyeballing the container world, planning to upgrade your infrastructure around Kubernetes but not entirely certain how to get from a quick proof-of-concept to a production-grade deployment? You should hire me!

Hi there! I’m Noah, also known as Coderanger in some corners of the Internet. While I’ve been enjoying my funemployment break, I’m starting to get that “crawling up the walls” feeling that tells me it’s time to look for a new team to be a part of. You can never know what you don’t know so I want to learn about opportunities and teams from far and wide.

What I’ve Done Before

I’ve been a software engineer for somewhere around 12 years now, and if you want my employment history you can find it in my resume, but a few things I think are special:

These days my attention is roughly split between the Kubernetes and Chef worlds. My Chef work is overwhelmingly public so you can take a look at Chef itself or any of my Poise family of cookbooks. On the Kubernetes side you can check out my guide to using K8s and Jenkins or my guide to Kubernetes community resources.

Before my days fighting in the “What is DevOps?” wars, I was mostly a Python web developer. Originally on Trac, and then later with Django. I also had a brief sojourn as one of the security team at OLPC, we had containers before it was cool. You can find more details in my resume.

What I Like Doing

Overall I tend to sell myself as halfway between an internal consultant and an evangelist. I usually find myself happiest working on internal tools and platforms, acting as force-multiplier for the productivity of other teams. I find this also applies in my open-source work, I function best when I can be face-to-face (or rather keyboard-to-keyboard) with my users, working with them directly to know what solutions will work best for them.

I’m much more interested in what kind of things I do rather than the kinds of subjects I work on, but things I am interested in and would love to hear about opportunities with:

If this sounds like you, or just you want to get in touch, you can reach me by email at or any of the other methods on my contact page.

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