Hire Me 2016-10-20

As my (mostly) 2016 contract draws to a close, I’m back on the hunt for a new professional home.

Who I Am (Resume)

Many of you probably know me as Coderanger. I’ve been involved in Chef and the wider operations community for around six years now. I’m also part of the Python Software Foundation operations team, and some of you may know me through my role helping with PyCon US. I’ve been a developer for 9+ years now, across fields as varied as MMORPG server architecture, mobile security engineering, front-end design, and operations tooling. I’ve led teams both for companies and as a volunteer, coordinating both a front-end development team to build the new Chef web interface and the volunteer PSF operations group to keep PyPI, and other community resources online.

For the last several years my focus has been on building Chef cookbooks that can truly claim to be reusable, extensible, and usable by many organizations. To this end I’ve built the Poise helpers, the Halite workflow tools, and numerous other libraries to make Chef a little bit more pleasant to work with.

I’ve also spent a lot of time helping grow the Chef and Python communities. I provide fairly regular support hours on the #chef Slack and IRC channels, as well as guiding new users on StackOverflow and the Chef mailing list. I also mentor new developers in the San Francisco Python scene through SFPython and the local PyLadies chapter. I enjoy speaking at conferences with a particular focus on making broad and mildly bespoke topics more accessible to the average engineer.

What I’m Looking For

I’m currently located in San Francisco’s East Bay with easy BART access to both San Francisco proper as well as Oakland and the rest of the BART network. I’ve been working either partly or fully remote for much of the last 5 years, and so am very open to remote positions beyond the Bay Area as well.

What I’m Interested In

A few of the topics I’ve been fascinated with lately:

I’m open to many things beyond those, but that’s the shortlist of the topics that have been kicking around in my brain for the last 6 months or so.

Contact Me

Do I sound like I would be a great fit for your organization? Awesome, I would love to hear from you! You can reach me via email at, or any of the other methods on my contact page.

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