Accepted Chef RFCs for Jan 8 2015-01-08

Accepted RFCs

This week one RFC has been provisionally accepted.

Dialects in Chef

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The proposes adding hooks to Chef to allow supporting other languages and file formats for Chef data. The plan is to accept the RFC on the condition that no new formats are added within Chef core.

RFCs Being Discussed

Three RFCs have been discussed in the past two weeks.

Attribute API 2

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This proposal outlines ideas and rationale for a revamped and improved API for node attributes and related data. The goal is to radically simplify the node attributes system, and clean up a lot of the internals. There is still a lot of debate about how to build the new syntax for getting and setting attributes, but some broad designs have taken shape.

Ruby data bag items

This suggests adding a Ruby DSL format for data bag items. This is mostly on ice pending further discussion and implementation of the dialects RFC. The dialects system will provide hooks that could be used to implement this RFC, either inside Chef or as a knife plugin.

Robust Attribute Tracing Support

IRC logs

This proposes adding a tracing system to allow for easier debugging of node attribute issues. This is going to likely be folded in the Attributes 2.0 work as a requirement on the new API and internal design.

Next Meeting

The next community meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 22nd at 9AM PST. As always, the meeting will be held in the #chef-hacking channel on Freenode IRC. Hope to see you there!

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