I offer intensive, hands-on Chef training, tailored to your needs and goals. Classes can be on-site for the convenience of the students, or we can find a central location for your distributed team. While every class is a little different, sessions are generally one-to-two days and cover some combination of:

Advanced Chef Usage

Berkshelf workflow, writing LWRPs, and more.

Customizing Chef

An introduction to Chef internals, extending the DSL, and knife plugins.

Writing Resources

How to create custom Chef resources and why you should do so.

Topic Classes

I also offer more topic-focused half-day classes:

Secrets Management

Managing and using secret data like passwords and keys.

Introduction to Omnibus

Using omnibus to package and deploy your applications.

Using CloudFormation

How to use AWS CloudFormation to manage infrastructure alongside Chef.

Testing your Cookbooks

Using Test Kitchen and ChefSpec to improve cookbook quality.

If you are interested in discussing a training session for your company, please contact me at .

Public Training

If you would like to be notified when there is a public training session in your area, please email