Serverspec and Chef 11 2015-12-21

Serverspec is a server testing library used often with Test-Kitchen, through the busser-serverspec plugin. Serverspec uses an internal helper gem called specinfra that implements much of the heavy lifting of the different types of checks that Serverspec offers. While Test-Kitchen uses Serverspec in exec mode for local execution, it also supports an SSH-based remote execution mode using Ruby’s net-ssh gem.

Enough with the back story

Between versions 2.44.7 and 2.44.8, specinfra changed its dependencies to allow the use of net-ssh version 3.0. This creates a problem with Chef 11 as it still uses the end-of-life’d Ruby 1.9 and net-ssh 3.0 is incompatible with Ruby 1.9.


Create test/integration/helpers/serverspec/Gemfile with:

source ''
gem 'specinfra', '2.44.7'
gem 'serverspec', '2.24.3'

This will force the versions of both gems back to things compatible with Ruby 1.9 and thus Chef 11. You’ll see a warning about the gems not being found the first time you run kitchen verify on a new instance, but it will work fine after that. Make sure you remember to remove this file when you upgrade to Chef 12.

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