Python ♡ Ada 2014-09-23

What is the Ada Initiative?

Founded in 2011, the Ada Initiative is a non-profit that promotes and supports women in technology and engineering. They have helped hundreds of conferences become safer spaces, run events to teach ally skills, and hosted their own conference about women in open technology and open culture.

Something something feminist conspiracy

Go watch this video.

Women in tech are routinely ignored, harassed, and abused. Every. Day.

Friends are pushed out of public spaces by the raw hatred that we all allow to fester. Women are leaving this community at an increasing rate. This is not me pushing a culture of over sensitivity or political correctness, or whatever else it is that people think equality is. This is an organization that actually helps people.

Why am I reading this?

Because the Ada Initiative needs our help! For the next five days, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Alex Gaynor, Carl Meyer, and Jim Meyer will be matching donations toward a goal of $7,500 $10,000. These funds will help further the mission of supporting women in tech through more resources for event organizers, research in to the trends and forces in our industry, and new curricula for workshops.

What can I do?

You can donate!

I hope you’ll join me in supporting the Ada Initiative and with them, women everywhere.

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