Lvl29 DevOp Looking For Group 2015-09-18

Way back in December of last year I ran a Kickstarter to fund a few weeks of open source development time. Thanks to that campaign, some generous private sponsors, and a bit of scope creep around the edges, I’m happy to say I’m finally wrapping up the bulk of that work with a whole suite of new Chef cookbooks. With that work winding down, I’m putting my hat back in the ring as a professional ProgDevOpsCoderSecGineer!

About Me (Resume)

Many of you probably know me as Coderanger. I’ve been involved in Chef and the wider operations community for around five years now. I’m also part of the Python Software Foundation operations team, and some of you may know me through my role helping with PyCon US. I’ve been a developer for 8+ years now, across fields as varied as MMORPG server architecture, mobile security engineering, front-end design, and operations tooling. I’ve led teams both for companies and as a volunteer, coordinating both a front-end development team to build the new Chef web interface and the volunteer PSF operations group to keep PyPI, and other community resources online.

For the last several years my focus has been on building Chef cookbooks that can truly claim to be reusable, extensible, and usable by many organizations. To this end I’ve built the Poise helpers, the Halite workflow tools, and numerous other libraries to make Chef a little bit more pleasant to work with.

I’ve also spent a lot of time helping grow the Chef and Python communities. I provide fairly regular support hours on the #chef IRC channel, as well as guiding new users on StackOverflow and the Chef mailing list. I also mentor new developers in the San Francisco Python scene through SFPython and the local PyLadies chapter. I enjoy speaking at conferences with a particular focus on making broad and mildly bespoke topics more accessible to the average engineer.

About You

Ideally I would like to find a role that lets me continue building tools and cookbooks for the Chef community as a whole. Some specific projects I’ve got in mind for the future include upgrading cookbook testing tools to support a better CI workflow, libraries to make it easy to manage secrets and passwords from Chef, and reducing the barriers to entry for new users. Do you have tricky Chef challenges when deploying your applications and infrastructure? Let’s work together to build and open-source reusable solutions so we can solve the problem for you and for everyone else at the same time!

I am located in San Francisco’s East Bay with easy access to downtown, and am also happy to discuss remote work possibilities. At this time I have no plans to relocate elsewhere.

While not required, organizations with a history of combating the systemic sexism, racism, and general terribleness of the technology industry will get brownie points (or maybe actual brownies if you are that awesome). I would also love to see organizations with trans-inclusive healthcare, equitable pay, good maternity and paternity policies, and PTO policies that encourage healthy work/life balance.

A few deal-breakers for me include a group culture based around alcohol, relying on unpaid “third shift” labor to replace an HR team, or organizational restrictions on contributing to open-source projects.

Contact Me

Do I sound like I would be a great fit for your organization? Awesome, I would love to hear from you! You can reach me via email at, or any of the other methods on my contact page.

It would be helpful to include:

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